Hi there, I'm Vladimír Kriška

I am a programmer, geek, blogger and occasional speaker. I like Linux, CSS and typography. I work mostly with JavaScript, React and Docker. I work at Keboola.

Twelve-Factor app with Docker

- Posobota #107

How to build an application bundled in Docker image to be compliant with all rules of Twelve-Factor App. Why you should forward all application logs to STDOUT. Why you should use the same Docker image in all environments. How to run one-time commands.

Design a REST API you will love to work with

- Posobota #102

What are the common mistakes when one designs REST API and how to avoid them. Why is the client application (e.g. Single Page Application) a good test of REST API. Also, small introduction to HATEOAS.

How we converted CoffeeScript files with about 220 React components to JavaScript

- Keboola Tech blog

Finally, we were able to remove CoffeeScript completely. The tools like Decaffeinate and Jscodeshift were involved in process and helped us very much. Also, the split to about 100 smaller parts was a great decisions.

Docker for PHP developers - Tips, Tricks & Lessons learned

- PHP Prague

How to prepare development environment using Docker Compose and use the similar setup in CI system. Why is it a good choice to have the same image in all environments. Why is it better to use an official images.

What's happening in my container?

- Keboola Tech blog

Many times during my support week in Keboola I bumped into an issue where someone needed a memory increase for his component. It's not so easy to decide if requirement is valid or not. Fortunately there are tools like Cadvisor which can help you to check what is going on.

Docker ‐ from development to production in minutes

- Posobota #91

Setup development environment using Docker Compose. How to prepare production image ready to be deployed to AWS ECS in few minutes.

Formatting JavaScript code using Prettier automatically — in a container

- Keboola Tech blog

We should end the debates about code formatting. Prettier is a tool which formats the code automatically. All you need to do is to tune settings a bit and then it is ready to be automated. Also, you can run it in a container.

Non-traditional use of Docker

- Nette Camp #3

Docker is not only about local development or about images which you will run using some platform. Docker could be used as a set of helpers which will help you keep your system clean. Did you know you can run OpenVPN in Docker?

The worry-free way to convert Coffeescript to JSX

- Keboola Tech blog

The UI of Keboola Connection dates back to 2015, and many React components were written in Coffeescript. We agreed to deprecate CoffeeScript and convert the components to JSX format.

How Docker in Docker solved our concurrency problem in a second

- Keboola Tech blog

We encountered the problem when few of our customers weren't abel to run a component which has image pulled from privat Docker repository. We found the problem is not enough isolation when running components in parallel. We fixed it using "Docker in Docker" approach.

Run any binary in a container like it exists on your computer

- Keboola Tech blog

Docker and containers helped to solve many problems. One of them is that you no longer can say "Works on my machine". The other is that there's no longer a need to install various tools on a computer when you only need specific command.

Life of a data extractor

- Keboola Tech blog

Extractors are one of the key part in ETL process in Keboola. They can be written in any language. The only requirement is that they have to be packed as Docker images. You will see how to prepare extractor — from development, through CI, to production environment.